Sept. 2012

Hi Friends

It’s September all ready! It’s true – Time flies when you’re having fun.
These past two week were no exception.

Anita Harding, Maureen Fichten, and Ansel Matthews came in to record backing vocals for Arlon Bennett’s new album.
We had a blast  and the tracks sound great.
Deni Bonet also recorded violin parts for Arlon. She rocks!
One more song for Arlon and we mix.

John Flynn in one step closer. His buddy Steve (last name escapes me right now)  came in to record saxophone.
His buddy (and mine ) Jason Bonthron laid down more bass.

Speaking of Jason.
Jason brought in a new song and with a tweak here and there it’s ready to mix.

Doug Jay returned with his wife, Julie, and his brother, Pat, to lay down harmonies and bass lines.
This session was so much fun. I’m still smiling. Julie get’s parts done in one or two takes. Same for Pat.
Then we fired up a bunch of mics and record a new song live. Third take’s a keeper! I love it!

Studio Gear:
At this time no new additions.

All the best


Thats A Take!


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