July 2012

Hi Friends,

Hope all of you have been having a great summer.
Arlon Bennett’s record is nearing completion. Yes it’s true. I have to say just when you think
you’re on top of everything he writes a new song to be included. What can I say… he’s an artist.

Boxcar Lilies came and sang up a storm on a couple of his songs. Jennifer Smith (of Naked Blue fame) contributed wonderful cello last month. We had a great time recording and working together.

John Flynn (Third Rail, Shackers) is continuing to work here. What started out as a “let’s just record these tunes so I have a record of them” into a full blown album project. He’s posting on Broadjam if you want to check him out. If so… check out his photos for Hunter Mt. Rock and Soul Review.
Look closely and you’ll see John in bottom left on keyboards and that’s me behind him with my Tele. Fun gig.

 Thunder Pumpkin Additions:

Pro Tools 10 has arrived.
Eleven Rack (came along with PT 10. Fun gadget)
Waves Master Bundle
Melodyne Editor 2

I’d love to turn the mics on for you.



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