December 2015

Hi Friends

Thunder Pumpkin is moving along nicely. Keeping busy with a couple of projects.
Arlon Bennett once again is putting together another project. I’m pleased to say I have a co-write with one of the tunes so far.

Robin Tricker of Gypsy Moon is working on two tunes to follow up her lovely Life’s A Beach single.

Lambertville’s John Flynn returned this year for a single that made the Lambertville’s Historical Society’s Christmas Compilation.: “Christmas Time For Them.  This track was fun for I recorded the Shackers rhythm section on location (at the shack) and the Shacker Choir  on location as well. Lots of fun.

One of my oldest friends, Charles McCoy finally put out an album. I met Charles in the early 80′s. (Very early 80′s). I auditioned for his cover band he was assembling. Not long after he started singing melodies to me and I’d work up charts for them. We’d tape songs where ever just to capture the ideas. After 30 years he’s finally got it going on! It’s a wonder collection of songs. Very proud of it and happy for Charles. I hope you all check out his stuff: Very Seldom Serious.

One more thing:
Just added to the Studio: Pendulum Audio “Quartet.”

All The Best To You -John

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