Albums and singles produced by John Sonntag.

Arlon Bennett: World Of Possibility - 2013

World Of Possibility -- Arlon Bennett

Arlon Bennett

“World Of Possibility” – 2013

“Filled with universal truths, World of Possibility is a joy to listen to. As it says on his website, mix some Harry Chapin with some vintage James Taylor, and you’ve got Arlon Bennett. This album rests on a foundation of killer production (not overproduction) by John Sonntag of Thunder Pumpkin Recording… definitely Arlon’s best effort to date.” – Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live, December 2012

John Flynn: heading for the sun: 2013.

heading for the sun -- John Flynn

John Flynn

“heading for the sun” – 2013

Lambertville Historical Society's Christmas Compilation CD 2012

Lambertville Historical Society's Christmas Compilation

Lambertville Historical Society’s Christmas Compilation CD

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” (single) – 2012, Carol Heffler
John Sonntag: engineer/ Assisted Carol in production
Khristmas Kool (single) – 2012, John Flynn & The Shackers
live recording: Produced by John Sonntag
recorded at Hopetown Sound. Pier Giacalone: engineer.

Jason Bonthron: Cyclops - 2012

Cyclops -- Jason Bonthron

Jason Bonthron

Cyclops – 2012

Arlon Bennett - Christmas Tree on Salem st.

Christmas Tree On Salem St. -- Arlon Bennett

Arlon Bennett

“Christmas Tree On Salem St.” (single) – 2007

Chasing Stars - John Sonntag

Chasing Stars -- John Sonntag

John Sonntag

“Chasing Stars” – 2006
Produced by John Sonntag

“Every song opens up with a beautiful sound that makes you want to listen for what’s coming. . . . I liked the whole thing.” –The Cucumbers

Whether showing influences from country or rock, the superior songcraft and crisp production of Stars allows every rootsy beat, pluck and pick to resonate. – Joe Student, PhillyEDGE Editor

As a DJ for a progressive Community radio station, I get sent a lot of solicited and unsolicited music and my heartfelt appreciation goes out to every musician who’s poured their heart and soul into their craft. Fortunately some of this music, like John Sonntag’s “Chasing Stars”, is head and shoulders above the rest. Wow, what a killer CD! – Mark Ostrov, DJ – KVMR-FM, Navada City, CA

Ansel Matthews - Raised From The Dust

Raised From The Dust -- Ansel Matthews

Ansel Matthews

“Raised From The Dust” – 2004
Much anticipated follow up to “Workings of the Heart”. Ansel’s independent release. Produced by John Sonntag.

“Ansel Matthews, whose CD, “Raised from the Dust” has just been released is one of the most exciting singers I’ve heard in a long while. He’s an interesting mixture of soul jazz singers Jon Lucien and Terry Callier, who fascinatingly – he’s never heard, with a little bit of Richie Havens thrown in. As well as having one of the most soothing voices I’ve heard, he’s an incredibly gifted composer and lyricist.” — All About Jazz, February 2005

Eve's Lament - Esther Friedman

Eves Lament -- Esther Friedman

Esther Friedman

“Eve’s Lament” – 2001
Produced by John Sonntag

“Gorgeously produced, tasty textures, rich but rootsy, lush but folky arrangements perfectly suited to her voice and the songs. Way to go!” — Catie Curtis, Rykodisc Recording Artist

Here’s another great production from John Sonntag of Thunder Pumpkin Recording. Esther Friedman made this CD in 2005 and we just caught up to it at this conference. Esther has a clear, compact, bell-like alto, and while her sound suggests someone small, her expressiveness packs a big wallop… .. . the biggest payoff comes early — in the second track — “Tied to a Tumbleweed.” This might be the most beautifully produced song out of all the CDs reviewed here… There are other good songs on this CD. The violin backup on the sweet ballad “Shine On” is transporting. – Richard Cuccaro of Acoustic Live. Dec. 2012

One More Midnight - John Sonntag

One More Midnight -- John Sonntag

John Sonntag

“One More Midnight” – 1997
Produced by Bob Harris, Jame Mastro, and John Sonntag
Great line up of guest musicians.

Other Production/Engineering Credits

Hub Hollow - Live at the Boathouse 2010

Hub Hollow

Hub Hollow

Hob Hollow: Live At The Boathouse: 2010
-live recording engineer

Buddy Merriam & Back Roads: Live At The Vail-Veavitt Music Hall 20th Anniversary Show 2005

Buddy Merriam & Back Roads

Buddy Merriam

Billy Merriam & Back Roads: Live At The Vail-Veavitt Music Hall 20th Anniversary Show 2005
- live recording engineer

Girlyman: Remember Who I Am - 2003



Girlyman: Remember Who I Am – 2003
- post production

Spook Handy: Breakfast At Bill's 2001

Spook Handy

Spook Handy

Spook Handy: Breakfast At Bill’s – 2001
-recording engineer

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